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... efficient combustion with highest efficiency at different fuels...

... intelligent burner controls for best heat distribution in the flue path dependent on load demand and load changes

... heat recovery steam generators for efficient steam production to feed to industrial consumers or for further power production...

Type of boiler:
- With drum with or without forced circulation
- Benson type boiler
- HRSG with or without duct burners
- Fluidized bed or pressurized fluidized bed...
- Waste incineration, waste water incineration, etc..

Which main fuel(s) is going to be used, which ignition fuel(s) is foreseen...

Tell us your requirements and we will support you in finding the best match for the position to be covered.

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    Cosinus phi consult GmbH has provided engineers and senior staff for the erection and commissioning of industrial plants for years.
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