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Please help us to define your requirements to allow us to find the needed support for your project.

Job profile: Specialist for preparation and ongoing documentation of a project. Example Plant Commissioning.

Before the start of commissioning

  • Study and analysis of contract respectively specification with regards to required documentation, factory tests, tests on site, witness tests by O/E, etc.
  • Support to develop an erection/ commissioning time schedule
  • Support to establish required erection/commissioning manpower organization and organogram. Coordination of consortium partners and suppliers based on contractual agreements or project requirements.
  • Establish inspection- and test program, commissioning procedures and check lists according to client`s specification
  • Establish check sheets for all aggregates and components in cooperation with the planning department
  • Planning of required tools, test instruments, materials, consumables and spares
  • Work out of erection priorities
  • Definition of "Minimum Requirements" to allow timely commencement of following activities
  • Work out of alternative solutions/ temporary measures to allow the start of commissioning
  • else

During commissioning

  • Turn over of subsystems/ systems from erection to commissioning including documentation of boundaries
  • Continuous update of "As Built" documents
  • 1- or 2- weeks look ahead detailed schedules
  • Regular status reports and verification of degree of completion
  • Cooperation with planning departments and feed back of site problems and solutions
  • Preparation of operating instructions for whole systems, subsystem or components
  • Documentation and handing over of completed plant sections or systems to the operation and maintenance team or to the client
  • else

After commissioning completion

  • Documentation of final parameters/ adjustments after completion of tuning and optimization
  • Training of consortium staff for operation and maintenance
  • Training of client`s staff for operation and maintenance
  • Compilation of plant history, i.e. plant maintenance logs, repairs, operating hours of main components, etc.
  • Support in preparation and execution of performance guarantee test
  • else

One person alone will not be able to cover all the above mentioned tasks. With our experienced staff we can help your team to organize, to distribute work packages and to work off all necessary tasks to focus and control your project from the beginning.
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