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Please help to define your requirements to allow us to find the right specialist for your project

Determination of job profile for I & C, field instruments, actuators, dosing and analyzer systems erection or commissioning

Field instruments

  • Probes and transmitters for pressure, differential pressure, temperature, flow, level, position feed back, etc.
  • Binary signals/ switches
  • Local indicators
  • else

Actuators for positioning and control

  • Electrical OPEN- Close actuators
  • Pneumatic OPEN- Close actuators
  • Electrical control valves/ dampers
  • Pneumatic control valves
  • Hydraulic supply units
  • else

Dosing systems and online analyzers
  • Chemical dosing for anti foam, anti scale, nitrate cracking, etc.
  • Remineralization, chlorination, blending with seawater for potable water production
  • Ball cleaning system for heat exchangers
  • Analyzers for pH, conductivity, chlorine, etc.
  • else
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        Instrumentation Specialist wanted  
    Instrumentation Specialist
    You have a completed education as instrument technician, instrument engineer or related fields and you are willing to work abroad?
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