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  Industrial Plants - Control Systems

Please help to define your requirements to allow us to find the right specialist for your project

Determination of job profile for the erection or commissioning of the DCS

Signal Input/ Output/ Distribution

  • Signal check from field instrument to marshalling rack or vice versa
  • Signal distribution on the bus
  • Signal exchange with electrical switch gears
  • else

Programming and handling of computer based control system

  • Please specify supplier of the DCS (SIEMENS, ABB, ALSTOM, FOXBORO, GE,...etc.), which system is being used (Siematic, Advant, Symphony, A-Series, Mark...) and which version
  • System engineer for installation, system maintenance, data saving, system updates, etc.
  • System engineer for hardware components like beamer, printer, plotter, etc. as well as for hard wired equipment (i.e. emergency stop buttons, redundant indications, push button operated emergency features, etc. ..)
  • Application engineer for visualizing of flow diagrams, recorded curves, etc.
  • Application engineer for step programs and function groups
  • Application engineer for closed control loops and for the tuning and optimization of systems
  • Application engineer for superimposed controls, unit master controllers, etc.
  • Coordinator for the communication link of different control systems, harmonizing of signal protocols, signal exchange, etc.
  • else

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