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  Industrial Plants - Maintenance

Please let us know your requirement and we will find the best match for the vacant position of your project

Determination of job profile for Service and Maintenance Staff
Please give us some details about your plant to get an idea about the required duties.

Kind of plant
  • Steel factory
  • Chemical factory
  • Steel mill
  • Glass factory
  • Pharmaceutical factory
  • Power station
  • Desalination plant
  • Water treatment plant
  • Pumping station
  • else

    For which position the staff shall be qualified
    - Maintenance Manager
    - Foreman for mechanical, electrical, I&C
    - Staff for mechanical-, electrical-, I&C- works
    - else

    Further maintenance staff
    - Planner for routine maintenance/ scheduled outages
    - Car mechanic
    - Store keeper
    - Mechanic...lathe, grinding machine
    - Lamination expert, welder,...
    - Crane operator, fork lift operator, driver,...
    - First aid staff/ nurse
    - Spare parts fast procurement
    - else
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