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  Boiler - Process

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Determination of job profile for the mechanical erection or commissioning, process engineer or technician for boilers and related systems

Example Commissioning


  • System check, walk down of system, comparison of PID (as built from erection) and field installations, check of cleanliness, accessibility and labeling
  • Check and preparation of commissioning documentation
  • Formal taking over from erection (transfer of liability) including the clear definition of boundaries, labeling of boundary limits and safe isolation, separation or closing of branches to connected systems that are not taken over yet
  • Preparation for first start up
  • Check installation and alignment of rotating machinery like pumps, fans,...
  • Coordination with electrical and DCS teams and definition of priorities
  • Ensure safe communication from field to switch gears and control room
  • else

Commissioning of components

  • First filling of vessels, pipes and equipment
  • Check of supports and hangers
  • Commissioning of skids like gas reducing station, fuel oil heaters/ filters, igniters and ignition burners, blow down system including attemperation, fuel additive dosing system, SCAPH and related condensate pump system, soot blowers,...
  • Commissioning of main pumps, fans, feed water supply,...
  • Signal check with switch gears (emergency stop) and control system/ control room indications
  • else

System commissioning

  • Mechanical cleaning and/ or steam blow out of pipe(s)
  • Filling of systems and preparation for first start up.
  • System start up and functional tests together with DCS
  • Test of all protection features, automatic change over, alarm annunciation, "cold checks"
  • Start up of systems one by one to have the whole boiler ready for first fire
  • Hot commissioning, i.e. first fire and "hot" checks of protection devices
  • Steam blow out of main super heaters and main lines
  • System tuning and optimization for normal operation and in case of disturbances
  • Documentation of results
  • else

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